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51 Awesome Golf Gifts for Men They Will Surely Love (2020 Review)

Do you have a golf lover in your life?

Are you looking for a retirement gift for a recent retiree to help them start a golf hobby? Want some ideas on some unique golf gifts even an avid golfer might not have in their collection? Wondering what gifts would be great for a beginning golfer. Or a gift for an expert golfer?

Look no further.

This post has 50 useful golf gifts any golfer will love.

I have separated this list of gift ideas into 3 sections.

  • Beginner golf gifts.
  • Expert golf gifts.
  • Fun & funny golf gifts.

So, there is something for everyone.

Let’s get to it…


Beginner Golf Gifts

These are golf gifts for men who have not played a lot of golf. But would love to get started. People who want to learn more about golf. And, of course, those who just want to play more golf.

Golf Club Set

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set (12 Piece)

Could there be a more stereotypical retirement gift for guys than a set of golf clubs? This set is a great starter set. It is a nice balance between expense and quality. Any beginner would do very well with this set.

However, this is not a set that would be good for any expert. While this set is of good quality, it is probably not as good as the thousands of dollars’ worth of clubs any long term golfer would have poured into their clubs over the years.

In summary, this is a great golf set for any beginner, but you might want to pass on getting this for any long term golfer who already owns a set.

Golf Balls

Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Yellow Personalized Golf Balls

Nothing quite says, “In am retired and have too much time on my hands” as personalized golf balls. I also love the Callaway balls for the nice bright yellow-green color. It makes your personalized ball easier to find.


TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

This is a great driver for hitting for distance. Very forgiving on small swing errors. This driver is one of the better drivers available.

I had a tough time decided if this should go in the, “beginner” section or in the expert section. This single club is more expensive than the entire set above. But it is also a driver that they can use and keep for many years to come and know they have one of the best driver money can buy. (it is expensive, but very high quality for the price. There are MANY drivers that cost much more money)

This might be the perfect gift for an “intermediate” golfer. Someone who has golfed for a while, but might want an upgrade on their “beginner” golf club set.


Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

The short game in golf can be difficult for some. This putter is one of the top 5 rated putters around, and the best rated one for less than 100$.

Golf Shoes

Nike New 2020 AIR MAX 1 G Spikeless Golf Shoes

There is no need for ugly golf shoes these days. It is 2020 and our golf shoes can be nice and fashionable. Thank you very much! Nike makes a very nice version of a golf shoe that is both practical and great looking.

Collapsible Chipping Net

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Collapsible Chipping Net

Practice make perfect, right? Never has this been truer than in the game of golf. The only way to make improvements is to get out there and practice. Best of all if it is deliberate practice.

This collapsible shipping net will let them get that dedicated and deliberate practice in on their golf swings.

Greens Golf Towel

Greens Towel Microfiber (3 Pack)

Clean your golf ball before putting, clean an iron after an approach shot, clean your eyewear with no streaks.

Easily clips to any golf bag or belt loop with the carabiner clip.

Pro Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

As mentioned above, deliberate practice is the best recipe for success. If your retiree is a golfer, they can set up this auto-ball returning putting green in their living room, bedroom, or backyard. It helps turn the practice of putting into deliberate practice where they can see notable gains in putting skills

Golf Laser Rangefinder

PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

Give your golfer no excuses when they lose at golf. This laser rangefinder helps to alleviate wind, crappy eyesight and rain as reasons why they cannot accurately gauge distances and choose the proper iron or wood for a shot.

Accurate to 1 Yard, Ranges 6 to 400 yards, 6X Magnification.

Golf Cap

Titleist Golf Cap

Nothing quite says golfing like a branded golf gear. I have three rules my “middle age” sports life. Never bet on sports if you are playing

  1. Pool against a guy who brings his own stick
  2. Bowling against someone who has their own ball.
  3. Golf against someone with a branded golf hat.

I am not sure why the last one makes the list. But in my personal experience, I have always been beaten (badly) at golf vs people with branded golfing headgear. Just sayin’


Golf Club irons are always good gifts for any golfer. However, you also need to know what they have in the way of irons when you make this choice. Buying them a nice iron, when they already have a good working iron seems a bit wasteful.

Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S40

An easy to use GPS watch that comes pre-loaded with all golf courses of the world.

This GPS Golf watch is the perfect utility for any beginner, intermediate OR expert golfer.

  • It measures the distance to the front, back and middle of the green.
  • It is amazingly accurate to within one yard.
  • Includes information about over 41,000 golf courses around the world.
  • It includes distance to hazards.
  • Includes automatic hole progression while you golf.
  • It measures the distance of your shots.

Double Layer Golf Gear Bag

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Single/Double Layer Trunk Locker

As a player golfs, they will begin to accumulate a lot of small golf “stuff” over the years. Tees. Markers. Gloves. Shoes. Balls. Books. Towels. Shirts. GPS. Range-finders and more.  Many of this thing on this list, in fact.

As they collect all this “stuff” they may begin to need a handy place to keep all this gear. This breathable, sturdy double-layer bag is perfect for all the miscellaneous golf gear they may accumulate.

Tee Repair Tool

Tee Repair Tool, Golfing Accessory Gadget Sharpens Broken Wood & Plastic Tees

Take broken tees and repair them as good as new.

How it works: Insert the broken golf tee into the TeeTrimmer tool and twist. That’s it! With the TeeTrimmer it’s easy to repair and reuse broken tees.

Golf Scorecard Holder & Yardage Book

Golf Scorecard Holder & Yardage Book Cover

Keeping track of your yardage and scores allows you to track and analyze all your yardage and work out means to improve.

Training Practice Golf Bag

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case

If you are going to a driving range, you do not need to lug a huge, heavy golf bag. This convenient smaller golf club bag is designed to carry up to 6 clubs to simply transport them safely to your driving range to get in that essential practice without needing to bring your entire golf bag.

Beer/Cold Drink Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

Golfing can be some thirsty work. Is there anything nicer than to sip an ice-cold beer or cola when you hit the back nine? Of course, you could slip a couple of beers into your golf bag, but they would not be nice and cold when you want them. This cooler is perfect for keeping a six-pack cold for when you want it. A great idea for any golfer, and can also be used for an outing at the beach, picnics, etc.

Teachings from A Lifetime In Golf

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf

If there is one single book, I recommend for any golfer beginner, intermediate or expert, this is the book. “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from A Lifetime In Golf” This is THE classic book on golf that everyone who plays golf should read.

If you want to learn about the game of golf ignore many of the flashier names and start with the classics.

Leslie Nielson’s Stupid Little Golf Book

Leslie Nielson’s Stupid Little Golf Book

This book will not teach anyone much about playing the game of golf. But it will have any golfer laughing until their sides hurt.

Covering everything from fundamentals, such as the grip (“always hold the club at the thin end where that length of rubber stuff is, and not the end that has that curvy metal or wooden thing with the number on it”), to A Foolproof Way to Knock at Least Six Strokes off Your Score (“skip the last hole”), this is, finally, a golf book for the rest of us, by the man who put the fun back into the game of golf.

Golf Utility Flask

Franmara Golf Travel Flask Gift Set

For the guy who enjoys a good drink as much as he does playing the game, this leather-wrapped, personalized flask will cover your drinking needs and throws in a couple of cool golf tools in the process

14 Club Golf Club Bag

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Beginning golfer’s often started by renting clubs or borrowing from a friend. At some point, it is time to start investing in their own clubs. When they do this awesome 14 club golf club organizer will make the perfect golf gift.

Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves, Pack of 2 (White)

Every golfer, beginner, intermediate, expert or professional needs a golf glove. A golf glove helps you get a solid grip on your driver while still keeping the “feel” of the club in your hand. Golf gloves are relatively inexpensive compared to many golf items and is something every golfer, even beginners should own.

Expert Golf Gifts

Before I get started on this section, let me define what I believe an expert golfer to be.

This does not need to be a professional golfer.

An expert, in my opinion, is anyone who golfs at least weekly and has done so for many years. They own their own clubs. They likely own their own expensive drivers. They have a home putting green, to practice their short game.

In other words, they have put a lot of time and money into golf and will likely continue to do so.

These folks will never need you to buy them things like woods, irons, and other items to improve their golf games because they probably already have them. Or if they want something like that, they are likely very specific in their desires.

For these folks, some of the best gifts are items they simply may not have thought about getting for themselves.

These serious golfers will also likely love the items in the final section, the fun, and funny golf gifts because they will simply appreciate them far more than any casual golfer.

Golf Monitor

VOICE CADDIE SC 200 Portable Golf Launch Monitor with Audible Output

I am a big fan of analytics. I think it is important to understand where you are at if you want to improve. That is what makes this “Golf Monitor” such a cool gift for any golf-loving retiree. This monitor tracks just about everything.

It tracks personal stats for each club. It tracks carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor for every club you own. Using a Doppler radar sensor, it measures rages of 30-320 yards. With an accuracy of +/- 3% ball speed, +/-5% carry distance.

It even takes barometric pressure into its equations. The perfect tool to help your retiree all the analytics they will need to improve their targeting on the course.

Basically, this cool techy golf gift can act as a pocket statistician.

Bamboo Golf Tees

Bamboo tees are stronger than traditional wood tees. Bamboo tees produce less friction and are biodegradable. These tees come in 250, 500 and 1000 size bulk bags, making this a great practical retirement gift for and golf lover.

Personalized Golf Balls

Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Yellow Personalized Golf Balls

Any serious golfer will likely go through a lot of golf balls. It is the nature of the game. So golf balls will ALWAYS make a good gift.

These Callaway balls have a lot going for them. They are quality balls, used by many professionals. SO you are not getting cheap knock-off balls they will hate. The color makes them distinguishable from other balls. And, of course, the personalization makes them a truly unique and special gift.

Golf Cleaning Kit

Fireball Golf Towel Gifts and Accessories Set

Includes everything needed for cleaning balls, shoes, clubs and the golf green.

Includes a cleaning brush tool. An oversize cleaning brush for golf clubs. A groove cleaner attachment.  Divot tool and a carabiner clip to attach everything to your golf bag.

Golf Yardage Tracker Logbook

Rustico Leather Golf Log Book Handmade in The USA Easily Refillable

High quality leather cover and entire book is pocket sized. Looks great and very convenient.

Comes with 23 refillable pages that will track 48 rounds of golf. Comes with the pages inside, but when you finish your 48 rounds you do not need to buy an entire new logbook. The pages are also refillable and sold separately.

10 in 1 Swiss Army Golftool/ Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Golftool Pocket Knife with Pouch

A great multifunction tool that can be used for golf needs and much more.

  • One-Hand Locking Divot Repair Tool
  • Ball Marker
  • Groove Cleaner
  • Tee Punch
  • Scissors
  • Bottle Opener
  • Toothpick
  • Nail File
  • Tweezers
  • 2.45” Blade

Golf Caddy

Caddymatic Golf 360° SwivelEase 3 Wheel Folding Golf Cart

Carrying a full golf bag around a course can quickly get tiring. As you people get older this can cause back pain and even injury and damage.

Relieve these problems with a simple “golf caddy”. A highly maneuverable method to tote a heavy golf bag around a course with ease.

Par Three Putting Green

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

The perfect way to practice a golf short game is with this practice putting green. After all, practice makes perfect, and this 9ft X 3Ft kidney-shaped putting green is the perfect place to get the practice you need.

Golf Ball Holder with Quick-Draw Release

Golf Ball Holder – PRO with Quick-Draw Release (Silver)

Load up your favorite game balls before your round. Then if you lose one to a water hazard or worse, you simply grab another without the hassle of digging through your bag for another suitable ball. It’s smart and keeps your head in the game.

Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack

Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer Rack

No one likes to see all their gear in a disorganized mess. This organizer will help your favorite golfer store and organize all their golf gear, bags, shoes, towels, clubs, and accessories in a nice and neat rack.

Golf Club Groove Sharpener

RED TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener

Want to improve backspin and ball control? You do not need to buy a new set of clubs. Over time, the grooves on golf clubs begin to wear. You can refresh old clubs by simply regrooving your wedges and irons. Find out more about this simple method to save old clubs.

Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Losing balls in water hazards happens. It can be frustrating, and if you have personalized balls like some of those above the costs can mount up over time.

This golf ball retrieval tool will help your favorite golfer to get those errant balls.

This golf ball retrieval tool is only 45” when retracted fitting easily into any golf bag, and it extends to a full 15 feet when you need to get a ball from a water hazard.

Golf Sunglasses

Under Armour Eyeking Ua Big Shot Sunglasses

Now these sunglasses are not JUST for golf. They are great ‘sports’ glasses that are good for any outdoor activity. They cut down on harmful UV lights. They are polarized and cut down on glare and help you see with clarity in the bright sunlight.

Golf Pants

PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front Golf Pant with Expandable Waistband

Any serious golfer needs their own dedicated set of golf pants. This is a great one.

Golf Polo Shirt for Men

Nike Men’s Dry Victory Polo Solid Left Chest Polo

If you are going to have a set of golf pants. Don’t you need a classy golf polo shirt to go with it?

“Unique” Golf Shift

Bunker Mentality Paisley Grey Golf Polo Shirt

Okay, the Golf shirt above is a nice classy, low key golf shirt. But one of the hallmarks of traditional golf shirts is that they are loud, vibrant and unique.

Yup. That’s the word. “Unique”. Not ugly. Not tacky. Unique.

Throw in some striped golf pants and you have a true disaster. Errrmmmm. “unique” golf outfit

Golf Bag Cufflinks

MRCUFF Golf Bag Blue Pair Cufflinks in a Presentation Gift Box & Polishing Cloth

Another great “Golf” fashion statement, only for the serious golfer. Golf bag cufflinks.

Golf Club Cleaner

Champkey BRUSHTECH Polymer Golf Brush Star Series

Serious golfers spend some serious money on their golf clubs. It is a true shame to keep these expensive clubs in anything but pristine condition.

That is where this simple, but awesome, golf club cleaner comes into play.

Fun and Funny Golf Gifts

Fancy Custom Glasses

These fancy and original glasses come in many themes. With many different items “stuck in glass” for each theme. The golf-themed versions have balls and golf tees as the “stuck in glass” options.

The image above features a pint glass. But you can also purchase:

  • Shot Glasses
  • Whiskey Glasses
  • Pint Glasses
  • Wine Glasses

FYI, some of the other themes include:

Team Golf NFL Embroidered Golf Towel

Team Golf NFL Embroidered Golf Towel, Checkered Scrubber Design, Embroidered Logo

Does your favorite golfer also love football? If so, pick their favorite team and give them one of these cool golf towels emblazoned with the logo of their beloved NFL team.

Four Leaf Clover Golf Ball Marker

Giggle Golf Bling Four Leaf Clover Golf Ball Marker with Green Ball Marker Clip

This golf ball marker clip comes with one green ball marker clip and one Four Leaf Clover ball marker. This marker easily clips on great to your pants pockets, belt, or shoes and is a convenient and cool-looking ball marker.

Personally, I love the “good luck” aspect of carrying around a four-leaf clover. Call me superstitious.

It Takes Balls to Golf

MySack Senior Edition Golf Ball Storage Bag

A funny ball golf ball bag that easily attaches to any golf bag.

Mini Golf Cart Clock

10L0L 2019 Newest Version LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock

Golfers can be notoriously hard to shop for. They often have a decent amount of money. If they want to buy golf items… they do. This makes it hard to find good golf gifts for them.

The biggest advantage of this mini-golf clock is that you can be 99% sure they do not already have one. It is a truly unique item.

Star Wars Golf Balls

Is your golfer also a Star Wars fan? If so, they will simply love these star wars themed golf balls. These balls can be used on the course, but also make an even better display option.

Each pack contains 12 balls. Featuring four (4) each of:

  • R2D2
  • Death Star
  • BB8
  • BB9E

Golf Club Urinal

This gag gift for retirees’ pokes fun at two of the major stereotypes of retirement. First that they all golf… a lot. Secondly that retirees all have small bladders and need to pee… a lot. Whether or not these stereotypes are true for your retiree this makes a great gag gift. Of course, this golf club urinal works, so there is potential for this to be a useful gift too, and not just a big joke.

Uroclub Portable Urinal Funny Gag Gift For Men

Golfer “Gag” Golf Tees

Loftus Heads Down Golf Tees

“Head down” golf tees. Nothing “butt” the funniest golf tees


One of the funniest movies of all time. Without a doubt the funniest golf movie of all time. This wonderful classic deserves a spot in any golfer’s permanent collection.

Caddyshack by Warner Home Video by Harold Ramis

Gopher Golf club cover

ProActive Sports Sports Zoo Golf Club Headcover

Any fan of the Caddyshack movie will remember groundkeeper Bill Murray’s relentless quest to kill the Gophers destroying his green’s. Why not give a nod to this classic movie by giving your favorite golfer a a gopher shaped golf head cover.

Men’s Golf Socks

Hot Sox Men’s Novelty Sporting Crew Socks

These socks are completely unnecessary. Slightly tacky and totally awesome. What can say I love golf more than representing the game down to your socks?

Put-thru golf game

GoSports Putt-Thru Croquet Putting Game

While this is not as good as getting out and playing 18 holes. It can be a great substitute you can use in the privacy of your own backyard.

This simple game works on many levels.

  • You can have great family fun at any family outing.
  • You can get your kids, grandkids and non-golfing family interested in golf
  • It helps you work on your short game.
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